Welcome to Urban Serenity GH.. Delivering an exceptional facial skincare service straight to your front door’’


Have you ever left a facial treatment at a spa and wished you had the same pampered feeling when you got home? Well now you can, let Urban Serenity bring you the luxury of healthy glowing skin in the comfort of your home.

Urban Serenity is a mobile facials and skincare service serving women in Accra, Ghana. Designed to deliver facial treatments at a competitive price using high quality result-driven skincare products, all in the comfort of your own home.


Deep Cleansing Relaxing Facial
This all-inclusive facial instantly soothes and deep cleanses pores to remove impurities and congestion.


Radiant Vitamin C Facial
This facial is renowned for its amazing skin brightening and rejuvenating benefits.


Bridal Packages
We offer a specialist facial treatment formulated for brides-to-be provided in your own home a week before the wedding.


Rejuvenating Firming Facial
This facial is targeted towards the mature client who wishes to rejuvenate and firm their skin.

aromatherapy infused facial-

Organic Moroccan Argan oil facial
Introducing our new and exclusive Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Facial!


Purely Natural Facial
This facial uses ‘’All Pure Nature’’ products, and all the ingredients are sourced and made in Ghana.


Clarifying Acne Facial
This facial is ideal for clients with enlarged pores, reoccurring breakouts, acne scarring and oily skin.