Urban Serenity GH | A Mobile Facials & Skincare Service


Urban Serenity was established in 2012, by Mavis Tufuor a qualified Facial Massage and Skincare Therapist (The London School Of Beauty And Makeup) who found a niche in the mobile beauty therapy sector in Accra. Urban Serenity was founded on the principle of helping spa goers prolong that state of “relaxation and rejuvenation’’ experienced after receiving a facial treatment, whilst providing the ultimate convenience of at home facial treatments.



Aside from being qualified in Facial Massage and Skincare with experience working on clients at the London School of Beauty & Makeup Salon, Mavis is passionate about skincare and maintaining healthy skin. She believes in good skincare practices, as after all the skin is the body’s largest organ and it has to be taken care of both internally and externally.



Urban Serenity specializes in Facials, Facial Massage Therapy and other skincare services delivered to you at your convenience, at home and at a competitive and affordable price. Urban Serenity is confident in delivering clients a 1st class facial treatment that rivals any facial treatment available in Accra. Our confidence is based on our mission to understand and treat clients based on their individual skincare needs. Our facial treatments are delivered using result-driven skincare brands and facial massage techniques that will deliver exceptional benefits for our clients.



So why choose Urban Serenity GH for your facial treatments?




Well simply because we promise to deliver you all of the above without you leaving your home. Why commute through the hectic and polluted traffic of Accra to get a facial, and then commute back in the same harsh elements and stress after a facial treatment? Urban Serenity GH will deliver healthy radiant skin straight to your door!



Mavis will create a ‘’spa-facial treatment room’’ set up in your surroundings including relaxation music, towels, portable facial massage bed and any other facial treatment equipment. Mavis’s expertise in Facial Massage And Skincare techniques will create the perfect set-up focused on delivering you a high-class facial treatment, which will truly leave your skin rejuvenated and renewed.



Booking an Urban Serenity mobile facial is the ultimate experience in convenience: eliminating the awkwardness of traveling to a salon or spa for a facial. You can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing facial treatment for longer without having to set a foot outside the door.



Go on unleash the healthy skin goddess in you and let Urban Serenity deliver you the convenience and luxury of healthy radiant skin in the comfort of your home.