Urban Serenity GH | A Mobile Facials & Skincare Service


Urban Serenity specialises in skincare services, specifically facial treatments. Our facials will help to correct any existing damage and help speed up the rejuvenation of your skin.

 Our facials are designed to access our clients skin type & condition with careful and through skin analysis.  We use internationally acclaimed results-driven Murad Skincare products, which deliver great results on most skin types even sensitive skin-types. The Murad skincare products used in our facial treatments source natural ingredients like Chamomile, Cucumber, Gogi Berry and Pomegranate. We also incorporate natural locally sourced skincare products in our ‘’Purely Natural Facial’’.

 All Urban Serenity mobile facials include; Deep Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliation, Facial Steaming, Skin Analysis, Extractions (If Necessary), Neck, Décolletage and Shoulder Massage, Masque Application, Eye Cream and Hydrating Moisturizer Application.

 We will supply all equipment and products required for the facial treatment. We will recreate the ‘spa-like facial treatment room’ in your home so you can kick back relax and enjoy the facial completely. 

Please note the following;

 **It will take us 10 minutes to set up, so please allow an extra 10 mins before the treatment commences as well as an another 10mins afterwards to pack all mobile equipment**

**The prices stated below are set, however extra charges may be incurred for clients who live in vicinities significantly further away from the central parts of Accra due to increased transportation costs**


Facial Treatments


Deep Cleansing Relaxing Facial 

This all-inclusive facial instantly soothes and deep cleanses pores to remove impurities and congestion.  Skin is exfoliated and steamed to eliminate dead skin cells revealing healthier radiant skin. Extractions will be administered on any congested areas on the skin. This treatment is 60mins long and incorporates a deep relaxing facial, shoulder and décolletage massage, which promises to leave anyone feeling, totally relaxed. Your skin will feel smooth and renewed after this facial.


Rejuvenating and Firming Facial

This facial is targeted towards the mature client who wishes to rejuvenate and firm their skin.  This treatment is deeply hydrating and designed to restore elasticity, tone and texture to mature skin.  A series of pressure point massage techniques are incorporated to stimulate natural collagen production and cellular turnover. Your skin will feel replenished, recharged and ready to face the world.


Purely Natural Facial

This facial uses ‘’All Pure Nature’’ products and all ingredients are sourced and made in Ghana. This facial treatment incorporates the use of an All Pure Nature cleanser, exfoliating scrub followed by a facial steam. Soothing and rebalancing skin treatment oils will be applied to the skin during the facial massage, followed by a delightful herbal quasil masque. The skin will finally be hydrated using a light nourishing moisturizer. This facial is great for clients who love the simplicity and effectiveness of natural locally sourced skincare products.


Organic Moroccan Argan oil Facial

Introducing our new and exclusive Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Facial! This facial treatment sources  pure organic Argan Oil products from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Your skin will be double deep cleansed with an organic Argan oil cleanser,followed by a light ozone facial steaming to aid the extraction process (if needed) A stimulating and relaxing facial and shoulder massage is incorporated during this facial using a special elixir of Neroli and Orange Blossom  oils. To finish of this organically exclusive facial, a fresh cooling ghassool clay mineral mask from the Ourika Valley in Morocco is applied. Skin is then hydrated with an Argan oil moisturiser. This facial is excellent for all skin types and is Urban Serenity’s most exclusive and unique organic facial treatment that will leave your skin looking and feeling absolutely pampered.


aromatherapy infused facial-

Clarifying Acne Facial

Urban Serenity understands how difficult it can be to live with acne. Acne can have a physical and emotional impact on individuals. Mavis will begin this treatment by talking to you about your skin. This will enable Mavis
to comprehend the factors contributing to the acne so that your skin can be treated correctly.

The clarifying acne facial is suitable for clients with enlarged pores, reoccurring breakouts, acne scarring and oily skin. This treatment involves a double deep cleanse, steaming with a custom acne exfoliating mask, extractions, facial massage, clarifying mask and a healing acne serum.



Radiant Vitamin C Facial

This facial is renowned for its amazing skin brightening and rejuvenating benefits because it incorporates the use of Vitamin C rich skincare products. Skin is cleansed with a rich foaming vitamin c infused cleanser, followed by facial steaming and extractions (if needed) Your skin is then treated to a lovely relaxing and collagen boosting facial massage technique.To finish the treatment a radiance boosting Vitamin c treatment mask is applied followed with a potent Vitamin C serum to lock in your new radiant c glow!



Bridal Packages

We know just how stressful the weeks leading up to a bride’s big day can be and here at Urban Serenity we do our best to alleviate this stress and leave your skin looking fresh and radiant on your special day! We offer a specialist facial treatment formulated for brides-to-be provided in your own home a week before the wedding. “Why so far from the big day?” you may ask. Well apart from adding to everything else you have to do before you walk down the aisle, having treatment a week before the day is recommended so that the skin has had time to renew in time for your grand entrance. So if you are soon to be married and want to feel pampered get in touch with Urban Serenity now. 

Besides facial treatments, we are always ready to go out to clients to discuss any skincare issues they have and this will be delivered to you. We offer:

  • Skin Consultation & Analysis
  • One-on-one skincare sessions
  • Skincare product recommendations